Why Is A Whole Pizza Round?

As delicious as pizza is, there are a lot of questions surrounding it that don’t really have a well-known answer. For example: Why is a whole pizza round? Why does it get cut into triangles in most places but squares in others? And why does it come in a square box? The geometry of pizza can sometimes be perplexing, but the answers to these questions are a lot more simple than they appear! Read on to discover the answers to the biggest mysteries surrounding pizza.

Whole Pizza’s Shape

Perhaps the biggest question surrounding pizza is why it’s round in shape. The answer is actually pretty simple: it all boils down to how it’s prepared! If you’ve ever watched someone make a pizza before, you know that the chef spins the pizza into a circular shape while tossing it in the air. When the dough is flattened and prepared like this, it ends up with a round shape. It’s a lot easier to use its roundness than to reshape the dough!

You may have also seen some whole pizzas that are square in shape. These pizzas are usually prepared differently, using a pan sheet and different dough to get its squareness. If you’re wondering where the shape of pizza came from, now you know!

The Pizza Box

So if pizza is round, why does the box it comes in have a square shape? If you think about it for a while, the answer starts to become a little more obvious. It’s actually cheaper for pizza companies to manufacture square boxes as opposed to round ones! Square boxes require a lot less assembly time because the shape is a lot easier to make, hence the lower cost compared with other shapes.

The Shape of the Slices

The question of why pizza slices have their triangular shape is a little bit trickier to answer. This is because pizzas don’t always get cut this way; sometimes, a round pizza can get cut into squares! The idea behind both shapes is to give each person as big of a surface area of the pizza as possible while allowing for equal pieces. How your pizza is cut will depend on where you get it from!

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