What’s The Worst Pizza Topping?

If there’s one point that we’ve tried to hammer home when it comes to pizza making, it’s that there are no two similar ways to do so! Besides ways of cooking the pizza and different sauces to use, what you add for toppings can make or break the quality of your pizza. We’ve talked about some of the more desirable pairings in the pizza world, but what about those that everyone seems to dislike? There are a few pizza toppings out there that are incredibly divisive between those who hate them and those who like them. We show you everyone’s favorite pizza toppings to hate below!


Pineapple is probably the most controversial pizza topping. People either love it or hate it. According to pizza lore, the first time that someone put pineapple on pizza it was in Ontario, Canada. Pizza maker Sam Panopoulos wanted to find a way to bring some sweetness into the flavor combination to add depth to the usual savory pizza toppings. He put sweet pineapple chunks on a pizza with savory, salty ham and called it a Hawaiian pizza. Some people instantly loved the flavor combination, but others thought it was terrible. 


Anchovies are small salty fish that usually come canned. On the surface, it might not seem like anchovies would be a bad pizza topping. Plenty of cured meats are added to pizzas every day, like pepperoni and sausage. But the fishy taste of the anchovies and the extreme saltiness leave a bad taste in some people’s mouths. Eating fish on bread in some sort of sandwich is part of the cuisine of almost every culture, so really anchovies should be a natural fit for pizza. Do you like anchovies on your pizza, or do you just say no to fish on your pizza?


Olives are another pizza topping that people are divided on. Have you noticed that most of the toppings that people radically disagree on are salty or have strong flavor profiles? Those characteristics should make them a great balance for the creaminess of the cheese on the pizza and the robust flavor of the sauce, but some people don’t like the saltiness or the tangy olive taste of their pizza. 


Mushrooms are a wildly popular pizza topping, but the people who don’t like them really don’t like them. They do give pizza a very strong earthy taste, but that umami-style flavor can be a great blend with the other elements of the pizza and make the taste of the meat on the pizza really stand out. With mushrooms or without, some of the best pizza you’ll find in this area is at Quattro.

The Brick Oven Difference

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