What’s The Best Pizza Dipping Sauce?

If you’re looking for a food that is choc full of variety, look no further than pizza! There are plenty of different ways to cook pizza, different toppings to add, and different pizza sauces to spread on top. There are so many different ways to do pizza that no two slices will taste exactly the same! A trend with pizza eating that isn’t as commonplace is a similar practice to what you’d do with nachos: dipping them in different sauces before you eat! If you’ve never tried this before and are curious to find out what it’s like, we give you a guide to the best dipping sauces below!


Sure, pizza has a lot of great tastes and unique flavors, but what’s the one thing that’s missing from them? The answer is spiciness! Sriracha sauce is a great way to add a peppery kick to any slice of pizza. The best part about this dipping sauce is that it can go well with basically any type of pizza! Whether it be a simple pepperoni pie or a meat lover’s option, sriracha sauce will compliment it well. Just make sure you have a little cold water on standby!


In the ranch versus blue cheese debate, there’s an edge that ranch has and blue cheese doesn’t. There’s a reason why it’s considered to be a universal dipping sauce, and that’s because it goes well with pretty much everything! The same is true for pizza slices, as ranch goes well with most types. Ranch has a mild enough flavor to where you’ll notice a difference, but it won’t overpower the flavor of the pizza.


Have you ever thought that your slice of pizza needed a little bit more sauce to get it over the hump? Marinara sauce is a perfect solution to this issue! While it isn’t a bona fide pizza sauce, the taste is similar enough to where you’ll get the extra sauce you need to top off your slice. If you have any extra laying around from a spaghetti night, it’s an easy addition to any pie!

Barbeque Sauce

This sauce might come off as a bit controversial for some pizza lovers, but then again, so does the practice of dipping pizza in sauces altogether! Barbeque sauce is a perfect compliment to most meats, making it an ideal choice for pizzas like barbeque chicken pizza or meat lover’s pizza.

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