What Makes Sirloin Steak A Superior Cut?

Have you ever noticed that there are certain varieties of food that taste better than other versions? It may depend on where these foods are grown and how they’re prepared, but the overall taste doesn’t lie! The same argument can be applied to cuts of meat, as there are some that are more prized by consumers than others. An example of this is sirloin steak. If you’ve looked at our menu before, you’d notice that we carry this fantastic option. 

But what makes sirloin steak different from the other cuts of steak you can find on the market? The answer to this question is addressed below.

What Makes Sirloin Steak A Superior Cut?

Sirloin steaks are one of the most popular steaks used for grilling. Otherwise known as Top Sirloin steak, this steak is juicy, delicious, and loved by many. In addition, this steak is considered a superior cut based on various other properties. These include:

Its Origin

The Sirloin steak is located at the sirloin primal of a cow. This part is usually located around the thirteenth rib down to the end of its hip bone. The primal sirloin is divided into two major types of steak: the top sirloin and the bottom sirloin. These steaks require different cooking methods to get the best taste out of them. For example, the top sirloin is best eaten grilled, while the bottom sirloin is great for roasting and ground beef.

Its Flavor

Although sirloin steak is cut from the large muscle opposite the thin fillet steak, the flavor is different. When tasting it, you’d notice a much bigger and beefier flavor than fillet or rib-eye steaks. This makes it perfect for high-flavored sauces, especially those containing onion or a small amount of chili. It’s no wonder that people love it so much.

Its Tenderness

Another factor that makes the sirloin steak a superior cut is its tenderness. Thin strips of sirloin steak are as tender as a filet mignon. It is best cooked on high heat by either broiling, sauteing, or grilling. It is also advised that you cook it from medium rare to medium. Otherwise, it might become overcooked.


Even though some foods come from the same origin, some parts are usually tastier than the others. One such part is the sirloin steak. This steak is regarded as a superior cut based on certain factors: its origin, flavor, and tenderness. It is located in the Sirloin primal of a cow with an amazing beefy flavor and outstanding tenderness. So, you might want to try it.

Quattro carries Sirloin steak in addition to a variety of delicious Italian options and unique brick oven pizzas. Make a reservation with us today to experience our delicious flavors for yourself!