What Makes Brick Oven Pizza Stand Out?

One of the main things that we’ve tried our best to convey on this blog is just how massive pizza is. Not just in the size of the pie, but the different variations of it that exist around the country and the world! There are plenty of toppings that you can put on it, ways that you can prepare it, and different cooking styles that you can use to maximize its flavor. One such cooking style is one you should be familiar with if you’ve dined with us before – brick oven pizza! We explain exactly what makes these pizzas stand out from the rest below!

The Energy Used

When you think of the type of energy that is used to cook most types of pizza, what comes to mind? You’ll likely think of electric or gas powered stoves as your main examples. You’d be right about this, too; these are the two primary sources of energy for cooking pizza. However, brick oven cooking doesn’t employ either of these two energy sources to function properly. Instead, brick oven pizza is powered entirely by a wood burning stove! The brick surrounding the stove allows it to heat to the appropriate temperature needed for cooking.

The Unique Flavor

Because of wood being the primary source of energy, the flavor of brick oven pizza is much more unique than other cooking methods. Cooking your pizza in a brick oven takes far less time than other methods, with a maximum cooking time of a mere few minutes! This allows the flavors to be absorbed better as a result, but it also gives your pizza a smoky flavor that can’t be achieved through other methods. It also prevents soggy pizza by sealing off any moisture contained in the dough.

More Even Cooking

Do you ever wonder why the oven baking time on a pizza varies by what toppings you put on it? It’s because the pizza will need more time to cook everything evenly the more you add onto it! This problem is eliminated with brick oven pizzas, as they can burn at far hotter temperatures than your standard oven. Cooking everything evenly won’t be an issue as a result, which means that you won’t have to worry about the flavor and texture of your pizza being uneven.

Brick Oven Pizza at Quattro

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