What Is White Pizza?

When it comes to the things that you can do with pizza, the possibilities are as far as the eye can see! There are so many different ways to mix up the recipes, which has led to several different types of pizza rising above the rest. Brick oven pizza is a fantastic example of this, as it’s a pizza that’s cooked in a unique way from the others. As there are unique ways to cook pizza, there are also unique ways of preparing it. We’re willing to bet that you haven’t heard of white pizza before! So, what is it, and what makes it stand out? We go in depth below!

Making White Pizza

When you think of the ingredients for an average pizza, you typically think of some tomato sauce, cheese and dough. The dough is spread, the sauce is added, and the cheese is sprinkled on top. We call these sauce-based pizzas. If you haven’t put two and two together, white pizza messes with this order. In fact, white pizza takes out the sauce entirely! White pizzas tend to be cheese-based, meaning that the cheese is applied first. This new method allows you to get even more experimental with your recipes.

Differences Between White and Regular

You’ve already been made aware of the most obvious difference between white pizza and regular pizza. However, the comparisons don’t stop there! Because of the lack of sauce on white pizza, chefs can get even more experimental with the toppings. The main reason for this is because the meats, cheeses and other ingredients don’t have to compete with tomato sauce, allowing you to get a broader range of flavors with each bite. In fact, many chefs prefer white pizza to other types of pizza because of the flavors you can create.

Which Is Healthier?

So the one question that remains is, which is the healthiest type of pizza? White pizzas tend to have a higher calorie content than other pizzas, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s unhealthy. The nutritional value of white pizza will largely depend on the toppings you put on top. Since there’s no sauce, a broader range of vegetables can be used. If you pack your pizza with these, you’ll obviously get more out of it.

White Pizza at Quattro

Regardless of which type of pizza you prefer, Quattro has them both! We carry a variety of brick oven pizzas that are both red and white, ensuring that lovers of both sides can get exactly what they want. For the best brick oven pizza in Boston’s North End, click here to make a reservation!