What Is Quattro Stagioni Pizza?

Regardless of what cuisines you prefer or what restaurant you decide to go to, every restaurant has their own staple. A lot of the time, restaurants will choose to include their own name within the dish for people to know that it’s theirs. If you’ve looked on our menu before, you’ve likely noticed the Quattro Stagioni pizza. Would you believe us if we told you that it wasn’t a staple of ours? Quattro Stagioni pizza is actually a lot more complicated than that; we break it down for you below!

The Dish Itself

So, what exactly is quattro stagioni referring to if not our establishment! Quattro stagioni loosely translates to four seasons in English, meaning the pizza is dubbed the “four seasons” pizza. To illustrate this on the pizza, the pie itself is divided into four separate sections. Each of these sections has different toppings on it to “represent” the four seasons. The toppings you choose don’t actually have to be relevant to the season at all; as long as there are distinct sections, it meets the qualifying grade.

Traditional Toppings

While you technically can put any toppings you want on a quattro stagioni pizza, there is a recipe that’s considered to be the traditional way of making it. Two of the toppings are rigid in their traditional form while the other two can be switched out for other alternatives. Artichokes and mushrooms are the two most seen toppings on the dish. Tomatoes can be substituted for basil, however, and ham can be substituted for prosciutto. If you’re looking for a more classic version of the recipe, these toppings are what you’ll need!

How It’s Baked

You may have noticed that some of these toppings are a bit soggier than others. So, how exactly do you keep the pizza from suffering the same fate? You can use one of two methods: oven drying or using a pizza brick. Oven drying simply means that the soggier items are placed into the oven for a few minutes to dry them out before adding them to the pizza. Using a pizza brick or a brick oven can also stop the toppings from seeping through the dough.

Brick Oven Pizza at Quattro

Quattro offers a wide variety of brick oven pizzas that are designed to satisfy everyone’s palette – including quattro stagioni pizza! We also sport Italian cuisines and an extensive wine and cocktail menu for your enjoyment. For the best pizza experience one can have, make a reservation with Quattro today!