What Is Pizzaiola?

Is there a food that’s more beloved in the United States than pizza? We’re willing to bet that there isn’t! There’s no limit to the things you can do with pizza, from the toppings you put on it to the dough you use and everything in between. If you’ve looked on our menu before, you may have noticed a dish called pizzaiola. You may have also noticed that it isn’t coupled with our other pizza options! So, what is pizzaiola really? We give you a crash course on everything you need to know below!

The Dish

So why isn’t pizzaiola coupled with the other pizza options on our menu? The answer is pretty simple; despite its similarities to the main pie, pizzaiola isn’t actually considered to be pizza! The makeup of pizzaiola is remarkably different from the dough you’d see on traditional pizzas. Instead of using that, pizzaiola is made with meats like steak and chicken at their base! These steaks are made with the tomato sauce and seasonings that you would find on a regular pizza. This dish is often called carne pizzaiola, but is also referred to as pizzaiola for short.

How Is It Made?

Creating a pizza pie and a pizzaiola share a few key components, but the overall process is far different. Many of the same ingredients are used; tomato sauce, basil, and olive oil are three of the key ingredients that marinate in the meat. You can also add some of the traditional toppings like mushrooms and pepperonis! Unlike regular steak, pizzaiola is made in a skillet, first heating the olive oil and adding the other ingredients just long enough to tenderize the meat. The steaks that work best for this dish are cuts that can be cooked quickly, but chicken can also be substituted in. The whole process can take around 15-20 minutes.

Health Benefits

The health benefits you can reap from pizzaiola depends entirely on the meat you use for the dish. The main draw to chicken is the obvious protein benefits, but it can also help with bone density and weight loss. Steak is most noteworthy for those same benefits, but also helps with iron deficiency and dental health.

Pizzaiola at Quattro

Whether you want pizza made the traditional way or with steak and chicken as the base, Quattro is the best place to go! We specialize in all things pizza, sporting a variety of brick oven pizzas that will satisfy anyone’s taste buds. Curious to try pizzaiola for yourself or just want a nice pizza to eat? Make a reservation with us to satisfy those cravings today!