What Is Pasta e Fagioli?

Have you ever looked on an Italian restaurant’s menu and been able to decipher all of the words and what they mean? Unless you speak Italian yourself, you’re probably lying if you said yes! There is always something new to learn in the world of Italian cuisine: new recipes, origins behind other recipes, and even methods of cooking! Those that have looked on our menu before might see a dish they don’t recognize in pasta e fagioli. We explain everything you need to know about this dish below!

The Italian Translation

As is the case with many other Italian dishes, the translation of pasta e fagioli reveals a lot about what the dish is and what its ingredients are. Pasta e fagioli roughly translates to “pasta and beans” in English. Yes, this dish is actually a type of Italian soup that blends the two ingredients together! You may have heard of it in its New York-style nickname in pasta fasul. It’s the same thing, but sticking to its Italian roots!

What Goes Into It?

As far as what you can put into a pasta e fagioli dish, the rules aren’t really that strict. All that you need to do is add pasta and beans to the dish and it qualifies for the name! Some of the more popular beans that get used for this dish are borlotti beans, cannellini beans and navy beans. Other common additives that pasta e fagioli uses are minced onions, garlic, carrots, and stewed tomatoes. If you want to make it yourself, you can add these ingredients – and more if you desire!

Pasta e Fagioli vs Minestrone

Pasta e fagioli shares a lot of striking similarities with another Italian dish in minestrone. But, are they the same thing? The answer is actually no! There are a few key differences between these two dishes. In minestrone, many of the same ingredients are used, but the beans aren’t mashed and blended in like they are in pasta e fagioli. Pasta e fagioli is a lot thicker than minestrone, which is made up of far more broth.

Pasta e Fagioli at Quattro

Brick oven pizza isn’t the only thing that Quattro is famous for! We also carry a wide variety of delicious Italian delights, including pasta e fagioli. Our pizza and Italian cuisine is bound to satisfy your taste buds and leave you wanting to come back for more! If you’re looking to try out pasta e fagioli for yourself, click here to make a reservation with us and experience it for yourself!