What Cheese Should I Put On My Pizza?

You may think that pizza is relatively simple to make. All you need to do is buy some sauce, some cheese and some dough, right? Believe it or not, it’s a bit more complex than you would think! If you use the wrong combination of ingredients, you may find that your pizza tastes a little funky. With that being said, how can you determine the right cheese to put on pizza? There are a few things that you need to take into account; we’ve highlighted them for you below!

What Toppings You Use

As well as there are sauces that go with different types of food, there are different cheeses that pair best with the toppings on pizza. For example, if the toppings that you’re using tend to be spicy (things like jalepeños and certain pepperonis), you should go with a cheese like cheddar. The sharpness of it will enhance the flavor of the toppings and create a more enjoyable pizza eating experience. If you plan to use a lot of veggies in your pizza, goat cheese would pair well. Take note of your toppings before deciding your cheese!

Is It Processed?

As there are plenty of cheeses that are encouraged for your pizza, there are plenty that you should stay away from, too! The two main groups of cheese that you should avoid are processed cheeses and oily cheeses. Processed cheese doesn’t bring the same level of flavor as other kinds of cheese, and may make your pizza into a bland mess. Oily cheeses will not only make your pizza oily, but it will also make it too greasy to eat properly. If it’s processed or oily, steer clear of the cheese.

Can It Handle The Heat?

Perhaps the biggest tell of whether or not you can use a certain cheese on pizza is how well it holds up in the oven. Cheeses that don’t respond well to heat will create big problems from your pizza. More specifically, it will turn your pizza into a big mushy mess! You can use cheeses like these on your pizza, but not exclusively. They serve better as cheese to add after the pizza has been baked.

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