Unique Ways To Prepare Lasagna

At first glance, lasagna sounds like a pretty straightforward recipe. All you need is some pasta, parmesan cheese and some meat sauce, right? If you’ve ever looked on our menu before, you’ll know that this is far from the case! There are plenty of different ways that you can prepare lasagna, and we showcase some of them as a part of our lasagna of the day options on our menu! If you’re looking for unique ways to prepare lasagna, we give you some interesting ideas below!

Lobster Lasagna

There have been many seafood-based pasta based recipes in the past, but we’re willing to bet that none of them have looked like this! The dish is especially made for an American palette, as you won’t find many dishes that blend cheese and seafood within Italy. It’s essentially a different take on lobster ravioli – with a tasty end result!

Lasagna Rolls

One of the most tedious things about making lasagna dishes is serving them. You want to ensure that the structure stays intact, but it isn’t always possible with larger lasagna dishes. This is where lasagna rolls come in! They essentially act as mini lasagnas, allowing you to serve them separately without compromising on the quality.

Breakfast Lasagna

Depending on who you ask, there’s no better cuisine option out there than breakfast food. If you’ve ever tried to combine breakfast food with your favorite dishes, we think that this should be your next experiment! Breakfast lasagna combines all your favorite breakfast foods – bacon, eggs, hash browns and ham – together in a lasagna format. It’s essentially like making a sophisticated omelet!

Lasagna Dip

We bet you haven’t heard of lasagna being used as an appetizer before! This recipe is by far the most adventurous on this list. The main rule of thumb is taking the pasta layers of the lasagna and cooking them into a chip-like format. The dip consists of everything else that goes into a lasagna dish. Lasagna dip is a unique take on a classic Italian recipe!

Lasagna Specials at Quattro

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