Turn Your Thanksgiving Leftovers Into A Tasty Pizza

Thanksgiving has come and gone yet again. Did you overdo it this year and cook a ton of creamy mashed potatoes, stuffing, and cranberry sauce, to go along with the beloved turkey. Every year this time comes around everyone gets stuck to do with what to do with a fridge filled with leftovers. Turkey soup or pot pie gets old and is very played out. Thanksgiving Pizza recipe is the best way to eat your Thanksgiving leftovers. Bring out your Tupperware and easily mix and match your leftovers to create a delicious Thanksgiving-inspired pizza pie! This year skip the long lines at the mall, we should all be social distancing and should buying online! Skip the in-store shopping, grab your leftovers and let’s make pizza! 



Grab the gravy from your big bird and turkey and spread an even layer onto your unbaked pizza crust. Ditch the traditional pizza sauce for the gravy to continue to get turkey dinner flavors. 


Pizza Crust

When it comes to crust you can be flexible. Choose a dough that will complement a hearty meal.  You can always get ambitious and make your dough from scratch. 


Crust Options 

  • Puff pastry 
  • Rolled Out Crossaints 
  • Canned pizza dough 
  • Cauliflower crust 
  • Naan 


Time For Leftovers 

Top the gravy with your leftover turkey, add in mashed potatoes or yams, the stuffing, and drizzle some cranberry sauce. It never hurts to add macaroni and cheese on there as well! Don’t be afraid to add your veggies. 


This year Thanksgiving has come and gone but maybe next year you can try and bring this dish to Thanksgiving. Let everyone savor the classic Thanksgiving meal in a new way and introduce them to your new go-to leftover recipe. We hope you enjoyed your holiday with your family. Looking for a classic Neopolitan pie visit us at Quattro in the North End and order a delicious meal for you and your family tonight.