Tips On Cooking Rotisserie-Style Food

One of the biggest goals that many cooking techniques are based on is enhancing the flavor of the ingredients. Especially in the case of meat, numerous styles and methods have been adopted over the years that accomplish this very goal. Looking at the Quattro menu will reveal many of these cooking styles; grilling, sauteeing, and roasting are some of our favorites! However, there’s one cooking method that arguably delivers more delicious results: rotisserie-style cooking. Perfecting this craft is easier said than done, so we’ll deliver our best tips for cooking rotisserie-style food below!

It’s All About Symmetry

One of the biggest mistakes that you can make during rotisserie cooking is having the meat cook unevenly. Upon removing it from the skewer, you may notice that some parts are cooked thoroughly while others look raw. If this is your final result, you’ve likely assembled your skewer wrong! The key to getting the meat to cook evenly is to keep what’s on the skewer symmetrical. Not only will this make the skewer easier to turn, but you’ll have a much more even cook that leads to a delicious final product.

Make Sure The Skin Is Dry Beforehand

One of the best parts of rotisserie chicken is obvious to anyone who has ever tasted it – the chicken skin! However, getting the skin to be as crispy and flavorful as the big restaurants is easier said than done. There is a trick you can take advantage of to get more consistent results, and that’s ensuring that the skin is as dry as possible before you cook. You may need to rinse your chicken before you cook it, but you can pat the raw chicken down with napkins or paper towels to get rid of the moisture. The dryer the bird is, the more crispy the cooked chicken skin will be!

Take Your Time

Have you ever heard the saying: “You can’t rush perfection”? Whoever came up with it must have had rotisserie-style cooking in mind! The key to perfecting your rotisserie meal is patience. Some unfortunate consequences can arise if you try to rush things. The skin of your chicken might stick to the skillet – or the meat could cook unevenly! The total time you should spend cooking will depend on how large the item you want to cook is. The bigger your meat, the slower you should cook it.

Magnificent Cooking Techniques at Quattro

Cooking food rotisserie-style is harder than it looks, so why not sample the best results from the pros? Quattro has mastered a variety of cooking styles, including brick oven pizzas and the aforementioned meat cooking styles, to deliver a world of flavors with every bite. Regardless of what you order, you’ll want to have seconds by the time you’re done! See what makes our food stand out from the other North End options by making a reservation with us today!