Tips for Baking The Best Deep Dish Pizza

Deep dish pizza is a pretty well-known staple of Chicago pizza making. Not everybody has the time or money to go to Chicago, however. Other iterations in different states might not capture the same magic that a Chicago deep dish pizza can create. So, what if you wanted to try making some for yourself? Deep dish pizza is definitely a dish that you can make at home, but there are a few hidden secrets and tips to make it taste the best. Follow these tips to create the best deep dish pizza without the travel requirements!

Be Picky With Your Pans

Half the battle of making a good deep dish pizza is finding an appropriate pan to make your creation in. If you choose a pan that isn’t very deep, it ruins the whole point of what you’re trying to make! At the same time, you shouldn’t just choose the deepest pan you can find, either.

Ask yourself how many people that you’re looking to serve. How deep do you want your pizza to be? Do you want a lighter or darker crust? These questions will all factor into how you choose your pan. If you’re looking for something simple, a cake pan could be a fantastic option. Make sure you’re checking all your boxes before you decide!

Cheese Is Your Friend

So, we all know that cheese is a crucial ingredient in every pizza. For deep dish pizza, cheese is a beneficial asset for different reasons than you might think! When you make deep dish pizza, you run the risk of having it be too soggy when you go to serve it. You can prevent this from happening by placing cheese on the bottom of your pizza. The fat in cheese acts as a pretty effective moisture barrier!

Be Careful With Your Toppings

Toppings are a great way to add variety to your deep dish pizza, but they can be huge contributors to the amount of moisture in it. If you choose to add a topping that’s notorious for producing a lot of it, you should cook it before you add it to your pizza. This will help reduce the amount of moisture and decrease the odds of a soggy final product.

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