Sangria Recipes To Spice Up Your Wine

When it comes to wine, there’s nothing like a nice glass of sangria! Sangria is perfect to serve at any time of the day, whether you’re starting a relaxing vacation or ending a stressful work day. You’re probably only used to one type of sangria, but did you know that there are plenty of ways to mix up the recipe? There’s a lot of variety that you can put into this classic drink. We’ve assembled our favorite sangria recipes below!

White Wine Sangria

Did you know that you can make sangria with white wine too? This recipe swaps out the red wine for white and adds orange liquor to the fruity concoction for a great taste. It’s almost reminiscent of a mimosa, except with wine instead of hard alcohol! It’s a drink that goes great at any time of day, but who can go wrong with a morning drink?

Cucumber-Watermelon Sangria

When the temperatures outside get unbearable, there’s nothing like the taste of watermelon to help cool you off. This recipe also uses white wine, but adds cucumbers and watermelon for a more tropical taste. The mint juice and mint leaves in the drink will also wake you up and freshen your breath!

Thanksgiving Fall Sangria

With the fall months getting into full swing, get in the autumn spirit with a Thanksgiving twist! This sangria doesn’t just use wine; it also adds a little bit of brandy and gin for an added kick. Combine that with the inviting fall flavors of cinnamon, apple, pomegranate, and green tea, and you have a sangria glass that’s filled to the brim with autumn. 

Spicy Citrus Sangria

Are you a big fan of spicy food? Why not add the spice to your wine? Don’t worry, it’s a bit more mild than it sounds! You can also adjust the spiciness to your liking if need be. This recipe adds a lot of juice, brandy and wine to offset the spiciness of the dried chilis inside. It’s a tasty treat for those that are looking to test out their wild side!

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