Quattro’s Nutella & Strawberry Dessert Pizza

Boston’s Best Wood Fired Brick Oven Dessert Pizza! Our famous pizza has gone sweet, with Quattro’s Nutella and Strawberry Dessert Pizza offering a unique and scrumptious twist on traditional Italian fare. With a hazelnut-chocolate base and topped with fresh fruit, it is the perfect ending to your traditional Italian dining experience.

Quattro Wood Oven

Manufactured and perfected by the famous Italian company Ferrero, Nutella is a chocolate and hazelnut spread known internationally for its decadence and flavor. Our dessert pizza is then topped with fresh, quartered strawberries arranged in a decorative array.

Thrown into our legendary wood-fired brick oven until the chocolate is melted and the strawberries warmed, our dessert pizza is the perfect complement to a traditional Italian meal. If you are ever in Boston’s historic North End, stop by Quattro for a sweet twist on an Italian classic.