Quattro’s Four Seasons Pizza

Endless options. That is what everybody thinks when they are looking for something to eat. Before the age of technology, we usually don’t run to a problem like this. In fact, it was usually the other way around. We had very limited options and if you were new to a restaurant or a place, you had no idea what was around or in the menu. Nowadays, we don’t run to problems like those because new stores and restaurants pop out of nowhere all the time now. Because of this, consumers have almost endless options when they are looking for food. Of course, having your favorite restaurants will always be an option for a lot of people, but having endless options sometimes do worse than good.hands making dough

Luckily, some restaurant menus know this, and they adapted their menus to the specific consumers. Some restaurants have changed their entire menus to not overwhelm customers while others just shrunk their menus to the customers’ favorites. While this can be risky because you don’t want to limit the options too much for the customers, it is effective in terms of not overwhelming the customers.

One thing Quattro is known for is our menu. The menu includes your favorites from appetizers to your desserts. Quattro strives to serve the customers only high-quality ingredients without overwhelming the customers. For customers who are having trouble deciding on what meal they should order, we have our brick oven Quattro Stagioni pizza. Quattro Stagioni or Four Seasons Pizza is a variety of pizza that includes four sections with different ingredients and different variations. This is the perfect meal for people who are having trouble in deciding on what to eat. It’s also a great year-round favorite, as the name suggests. Traditionally, it is made to satisfy the customers with a taste of each season by adding a specific ingredient on each quadrant.

If ever you are in the North End area and have trouble deciding on what to get, head on over to Quattro by Hanover Street. We offer a variety of meals that are aimed to satisfy your cravings!