National Cheese Pizza Day

There’s nothing quite like a cheese pizza. For national cheese pizza day, everyone gets something that they don’t really need anyway – an excuse to order or make a delicious cheese pizza! When it comes to the perfect pizza, many people have their various tips, hacks, and tricks of the trade. Of course, something it comes down to when no toppings are involved in the cheese itself. At center stage, a cheese pizza needs the right blend, cook, and color to really wow. How can the perfect cheese pizza be possible? It all comes down to the best cheeses.


The key to any great cheese blend for pizza is a rich mozzarella. With the flavors expected from any great Italian dish, mozzarella is a great base cheese because it’s not too strong, allowing bolder cheeses to do the work while it lays the base to a great pizza.


For a good yellowish color, cheddar goes a long way. When mixed with mozzarella, it’s a wonderful way to cut through the mild flavors and offer a little something extra.


A little bolder than cheddar but still a good blending cheese, Colby is a wonderful way to get that rich cheese flavor without having to go too strong too fast. Plus, mixing Colby with cheddar and mozzarella makes a good base for more intense flavors.


A sweeter flavor with good salt content, gruyere is a wonderful thing to add when feeling a little adventurous with a cheese pizza. A little goes a long way, but even a cup of gruyere in a cheese blend can make a big difference! On top of the other three, it’s a great accent cheese.

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