Myths About Pizza

Our brains love learning. We are quick to digest information and believe it is accurate, especially when it’s about things we are passionate about. With that being said, pizza is one of the most beloved foods in the world. There are plenty of things you read online about pizza that you may believe to be true, but before you go showing off your pizza facts at your next work event or party, let’s do a bit of debunking on the most believed myths about pizza. 

All Pizza Is Unhealthy

People who are dieting often avoid pizza. And why it’s certainly not the best food for someone trying to lose a few pounds, there are worse. Although excellent, cheesy, greasy, and thick crust pizza is not the best for your health. If you opt for veggies packed with nutrients, a little grease, and a thin, crispy crust, then there is absolutely nothing wrong with it in terms of being unhealthy. Processed pizzas that are frozen contain preservatives that decrease the health quality of the pizza. Buying fresh pies or making them homemade will do the trick, though. Luckily, Quattro has you covered on that one (wink, wink) 

Hawaiian Pizza Was Made In Hawaii

FALSE. Believe it or not, Hawaiian pizza was created in Canada. Sam Panopoulous, a restaurant owner in Chatham, Ontario, made the pizza due to his obsession with the Chinese culture. The Chinese culture is known to mix sweet and savory dishes. This led to him adding Pineapple with ham/bacon on pizza. This pizza has been debated by society for many years. Let Quattro know if you believe that Pineapple belongs on pizza, and let’s settle the debate once and for all. 

Margherita Pizza Was Named After Margherita Of Savoy

Our final common misconception about pizza is that Margherita Pizza was named after Italian royalty. The myth is that pizza was relatively uncommon in Italy and not popular until Queen Margherita had Margherita pizza and wrote a letter proclaiming how great it was. This led to its name being Margherita pizza. After examining the letter, it was deemed to be fraudulent!  

Pizza At Quattro In The North End

Regardless of what we pizza lovers choose to believe, we all believe that there needs to be more pizza in our lives. Whether you believe any of the myths, Quattro Ristorante is here to provide you the best pizza in the North End. Book a reservation here today or order takeout.