It’s National Sauce Month!

In honor of National Sauce Month, we are looking at some of the best pasta sauce recipes, other than traditional marinara pasta sauce, that can be bought in most American grocery stores. With pasta being such an affordable, easy to prepare, and versatile dish, it is a perennial go-to staple for families looking for something filling, satisfying, and comforting. In addition to it being National Sauce Month, the National Pasta Association has also named March National Noodle Month.

Noodles are made with flour, water, and egg; whereby general pasta is made with flour and water alone. As such, noodles are pasta, but not all pasta is noodles.

But no matter what, whether it’s pasta or noodles on the menu, a great sauce can bring a great deal of variety to the lunch or dinner table, and usually with a great deal of convenience and easy.

Considering that pasta is a centuries-old meal tradition, and also considering that sauces originate around the world and appeal to many different palates, this is a look at several different kinds of sauces that can dress up pasta in a variety of ways:

Bertoli Alfredo Sauce

Creamy, thick, and flavorful, this white Italian sauce is made with various cheeses, garlic, and herbs, and is superbly delicious on fettuccini. Bertoli Alfredo Sauce is certainly a rich complement to breaded chicken breast served as chicken alfredo over fettuccini or another style of pasta as well.

Emeril’s Vodka Sauce

This delicious combination of tomato-based marinara ingredients, mixed with creamy alfredo ingredients, mix to make a tangy, comforting, satisfying sauce that goes especially well on penne.

Bertoli Carbonara Sauce

This rich sauce combines alfredo-like cream and garlic with… bacon. At the end of the day, perhaps nothing else must be said to convince most readers to want to try this delicious sauce. Sprinkle it with Romano cheese and serve it over linguine for a delicious, satisfying meal.

Classico Pesto Sauce

This is very different from the other sauces listed. It’s green from the basil leaves and flavorful with garlic, pine nuts, and Parmesan cheese, at a minimum. This is especially delicious over ravioli.

Raos Bolognese Sauce

This traditional, Italian-made bolognese is a hearty Italian meat sauce with tomatoes, onions, cream, garlic, and spices, and then served over a hearty helping of pasta. It’s essentially two meals in one. Ciao!

Among the many great characteristics of pasta and sauce are the versatility, ease of preparation, and a variety of options in today’s modern grocery stores. In celebration of National Sauce Month, be sure to look beyond the sea of red sauces during your next trip to the grocery store and discover what just might become your family’s new favorite!

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