How Do Brick Ovens Enhance Pizza Flavors?

You can smell a brick-oven pizza before you even see it. The woodfire’s slightly charred, smokey smell, mixed with the delicious smells of melted cheese and tangy sauce, is unmistakable. Brick-oven pizza is the best-tasting pizza for one reason—the brick oven. Italians learned long ago that to make the perfect pizza, you need the perfect oven: a brick oven.

What Makes A Brick Oven Special?

Brick ovens are made from circular bricks and are fired with wood pellets and charcoal. Those simple elements combined produce the perfect crispy, flakey, smokey pizza crust that is also soft and elastic inside. 

Brick ovens get hotter than conventional ovens, so you can’t replicate the perfection of a brick oven pizza at home. The bricks can be heated up to 800 degrees and hold the heat perfectly. The design of the oven means that the entire pizza gets cooked evenly. Because the heat is so high, the crust is perfectly cooked before the toppings get all dried out and tasteless. 

That Unique Flavor

Only brick oven pizzas have that unique smokey flavor that makes them special. There are a few unique features of the brick oven cooking process that give the pizza that unique flavor:

Wood-Fired Fuel

Brick ovens cook using a combination of wood pellets and charcoal. Every brick oven cook uses their unique blend to create a signature smokey flavor. As the wood pellets burn, they release compounds like lignin and cellulose into the wood. Those compounds create that unique smokey flavor that gets absorbed by the crust as it cooks.

The Unique Combustion Process

 The combustion process in a wood-fired brick oven produces heat, smoke, and gases. These gases can infuse the pizza with smoky flavors as they circulate the cooking chamber and contact the dough and toppings. Because of their workings, people have used brick ovens for centuries to create delicious pizzas, loaves of bread, and other baked goods.

Cooking Surface

The surface on which the pizza is cooked can also impart smoky flavors. Brick or stone surfaces, commonly used in brick ovens, can absorb and radiate heat and release moisture. This interaction between the pizza dough and the hot surface can develop smoky notes in the crust.


Brick ovens are typically designed to allow for optimal airflow, which helps maintain consistent temperatures and promotes efficient combustion. This airflow can also carry smoke and aromatic compounds around the cooking chamber, enhancing the pizza’s smoky. The Best Brick Oven Pizza Is At Quattro.

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