Great Cocktails You Can Drink This Summer

Summer means more time on patios and outdoor bars, as well as fun public areas like beaches and poolside. These all call for refreshing cocktails to bring to every occasion for a good time, and there’s no limit to the amazing flavors that come in a seasonal mixed drink. To find your favorite, be sure to try these great cocktails you can drink this summer.


A classic in its own right, this traditional cocktail is great for happy hour events and dinners out on the town. With options for drier or sweeter flavors, every drinker’s taste buds are bound to find a martini they love. Ask the bartender about specific styles and see if you can find a new favorite summer drink.


A favorite at Mexican restaurants, margaritas scream summer with fruity flavors and the kick of tequila. There’s only one problem: they’re hard to stop drinking! Make sure to keep an eye out for margarita specials at local restaurants and bars and get out to try one of these as soon as possible!


With more of a mellow flavor, lime-based mojitos are a great way to stay refreshed while drinking but still getting that great classic cocktail flavor. The combo of a mojito and a summer night is hard to beat, and those who don’t love too many fruity flavors need to try this seasonal favorite.


These are a great way to get a good fruity drink without the bite of tequila. Rum is a much more mellow, mix-friendly alcohol, and it is great to get one of these with dinner when you want to feel like you are on vacation.


For tequila drinkers, but those who want a more mellow fruit flavor like grapefruit! It’s also a good drink if you love soda, as lemon-lime options are always present in the final product.

Moscow Mule

One of today’s most popular drinks today, the simple ginger beer-based mixed drink is so popular with drinkers nowadays that nearly every bar offers them. Try one out and get a taste of what everyone is drinking as summer keeps going.