Great American Pies Month

From classic country and rock songs to movie titles, American’s love for pie is something that’s no secret! Stereotypically the pie people associate with America is apple, but those actually living in the states enjoy a much wider variety. In honor of great American pies month, we decided to take a closer look at different areas of the United States and find out what type of pie the residents in that area prefer. Does your favorite pie line up with our results?

California – it seems fitting to kick the list off with one of the most popular states in our country. Californian’s enjoy boysenberry pie the most. This pie is a blend of the raspberry, loganberry, and blackberry to create a fruity flavor unlike any other.
Connecticut – pumpkin pie is popular across the country around Thanksgiving, but in Connecticut, it holds popularity all year round. It’s likely related to the many pumpkin farms that fill up the land of the state!
Georgia – the south is known for their home cooked food and filling plates, so why would dessert be any different? Georgia residents enjoy peanut butter pie more than any other kind. The pie combines sweet and savory in the most southern way possible!
Idaho – not every pie on the list has to be a sweet one! Idaho enjoys Sheppard’s pie, which is fitting considering they produce roughly 13 million pounds of potatoes each year. The residents of Idaho hold a strong Irish heritage too!
Kansas – Kansas is unique on this list because no one pie takes the top of their list. Instead, any pie that’s cream based will do! Banana cream, coconut cream, chocolate cream, and any other flavor you can think to put with cream.
Maine – the residents of Maine love blueberry everything, and that includes pie! Fruit pies are popular in many states, but in Maine blueberry is much more popular than the traditional apple or cherry.
Massachusetts – of course, in Massachusetts they love Boston cream pie! The pie got its start in the state and after many years, it’s still the favorite option. Did you know that Boston cream pie doesn’t have a crust? Even more shocking, it doesn’t contain any cream!
No matter what your favorite type of pie is, be sure to enjoy a few slices during great American pies month. Take the time to do an internet search to learn a little more about the origin and popularity of it while you eat!

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