Fun Spring-Based Pizza Recipes

The dawn of a new season always brings about fun festivities associated with those months. It could mean anything from unique events to annual traditions and everything in between. This includes the food you eat! There are some types of food that are better served during the spring months than any other. Pizza is a good meal to have all year round, but there are a few noteworthy pizza recipes that are perfect to enjoy during spring. We showcase some of our favorite spring-based pizza recipes below!

Vegan Pesto Pizza

If you’re looking for an option that will help your body get ready for summer, why not go with a vegan one? This vegan pesto pizza combines the most healthy vegan elements with some of Italy’s most treasured ingredients. Vegan parmesan is also a delicious substitute for regular cheese, meaning that you won’t be compromising the flavor just because it’s a healthier option!

Chicken Pesto Pizza

Is there a sauce that works better with spring pizza recipes than pesto? In the case of these first two options, we think the answer is no! Chicken pesto pizza is a variation of another popular type of pizza in white pizza, although it also shares similarities with barbeque chicken pizza. Regardless, the substitution of pesto works wonders for this pizza – it’s one you’ll want to make more than once!

Veggie Breakfast Pizza

Pizza for breakfast is one of life’s best unorthodox options. So, why not combine them both? The veggie breakfast pizza takes an egg, gruyere cheese, and several garnishes to make a delicious breakfast pizza that’s as appetizing as it is healthy. You can cook the egg any way you want to, but the default for this recipe is sunny side up! 

Bacon, Mushroom, and Leek Pizza

Many of these options have been catering to the vegetarian and vegan side of the food chain, but what if you want something meatier for your pizza? The simplest solution is to add the tastiest meat of all in bacon while coupling it with another favored pizza topping in mushrooms. Add leeks to this pizza, and you’ll get three distinct flavors that all work well in unison with each other.

Brick Oven Pizza at Quattro

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