Fun Alternatives To Meatballs For Spaghetti Recipes

If you were to ask an outside source what the most famous Italian recipe was, what do you think they would say? We’re willing to bet that there’s a popular answer amongst those who live in the United States: spaghetti and meatballs! However, one of the most unique things about Italian cooking is the ability to seamlessly swap out toppings for different ones to create a unique dish. If you aren’t a fan of traditional meatballs, there are plenty of substitutions that work just as well with spaghetti. We’ll give you a guide to our personal recommendations below!

Any Breakfast Food

Have you ever heard of a dish called spaghetti alla carbonara? For those who don’t know, it’s a dish that combines spaghetti with some of the most popular breakfast foods on the planet: bacon, eggs, and cheese. The eggs and cheese are whisked together into a delicious sauce, while the bacon – or pancetta, if you prefer – works fantastically as a topping. Some people you’d ask would point to this recipe as being one of Italy’s most famous, and they’d be correct!

Sauteed Vegetables

If you’re looking for a healthier substitute to meatballs, some sauteed vegetables will do the trick nicely! There are a few great ones that we’d personally recommend, but you can’t really go wrong with the various vegetable options there are. To get the most flavor out of your vegetables, sautee them! You’ll thank us once you’re chowing down. Some of the best vegetables we’d recommend for your spaghetti dish include mushrooms, broccoli, asparagus, tomatoes, and kale. You can use a combination of them or simply stick to one – whatever you prefer!


Do you ever wonder why chicken parmesan is such a popular Italian dish? It’s because chicken is a fantastic addition to any spaghetti dish! It doesn’t really matter which way you cook your chicken; you’ll get both the health benefits and the delicious taste of it within your final product. If you’re looking for toppings to pair with chicken, we’d recommend tomato sauce, cheese, spinach, or garlic. The possibilities with spaghetti and chicken are endless, so that you can mix and match flavors to your heart’s content!

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