Frequently Asked Questions About Pizza

Have you ever had any burning questions about your favorite foods that you just can’t seem to answer? It’s a pretty common issue to have with many different foods. It’s especially true if the food in question is as varied and widespread as pizza is. There are plenty of commonly asked questions about pizza that are completely logical questions to ask. There are even certain elements of pizza that don’t make a lot of sense when you analyze them further. We give a bit of insight into the most frequently asked questions about pizza below!

Why Are Pizza Boxes Round?

It’s true that pizza doesn’t have a universally defined shape. In fact, it can be made in a variety of different shapes depending on what the occasion is. However, the most widespread shape of pizza is round. With that being said, if you were to order pizza from a takeout restaurant, they would likely serve you the pizza in a square box. So, why is the box square if the pie is round? It’s actually cheaper to make square pizza boxes than round ones, as these only require a single piece of cardboard. Thus, square boxes are cheaper and easier to produce in mass quantities.

What’s The Least Appealing Pizza Topping?

Upon reading this question, you’ve probably already formed some ideas in your mind. The main one that should spring to mind is pineapple; after all, it’s probably one of the most controversial pizza toppings out there. You either really love it or despite it entirely! However, this doesn’t mean that it’s the least appealing topping. In fact, the answer to this question is actually anchovies! Anchovies are another controversial pizza topping, but less people seem to enjoy it than a Hawaiian pizza.

Why Are Pizza Slices Triangle-Shaped?

Pizza is normally made in a circular shape because it’s easier to shape it that way and guarantees an even cooking throughout the pie. However, this doesn’t answer the question of why pizza slices are triangle shaped. Think of your average pie chart that you’d use in a business meeting. How is the circle divided up? Into triangle shapes, of course! It’s the most even and uniform way to divide a circle, ensuring that everyone gets an equal piece of the pie.

Brick Oven Pizza at Quattro

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