Festive Pizzas to Eat for Christmas Dinner

Now that Christmas is just around the corner, you see ideas for delicious holiday treats everywhere. Not to mention, people are looking forward to creating unique recipes to impress their friends and family. This makes it a great opportunity to make delicious and festive pizzas. While you can always create some pizzas on your own, if you’re short on time, don’t worry! You can still order some pizza and then tweak it up a bit to customize them according to your taste buds and the occasion.

Don’t go for the usual pizza options that you can find anywhere. Instead, order differently to keep up with the theme and setting. All you need is some holiday imagination. who knows, it may be even become your new favorite kind of pizza.

Here are some delicious festive pizzas for you to order or create for a themed dinner, perfect for the holidays.

White Pizza Recipe

Order a pizza of your liking and create a visual delicacy by asking the pizza place to top off your pizza with some extra feta, asiago, and mozzarella cheese. Not only will it taste great, but it’ll have all the cheesy-gooey goodness you would expect in an ideal pizza.

Feta chunks save a great purpose of acting as snowballs, and you could even ask for an alfredo sauce or olive oil base rather than red tomato sauce.

For meat, we suggest you ask for chicken rather than pepperoni toppings or beef, as chicken tends to have a lighter tone and will blend well with the feta cheese chunks.

Tree Shaped Pizza

Recreate the look of a tree by ordering a pizza full of meat and toppings that you like. Create a base with spinach or pesto and top it off with options like onions for the shiny tinsel or sliced mushrooms for bells hanging on the tree. Make use of toppings that resemble the look of ornaments and decorations on the traditional tree. Lastly, separate the pizza slices to match the triangular tree appearance.

Coal Pizza

This pizza is a bit different from the rest. In honor of the tradition of filling coal in a stocking, we recommended ordering a pizza that represents coal. For a simple design, order a black olive pizza with other toppings underneath, and it’ll appear as if the entire pizza is covered in coal.

You also have the option of ordering mushrooms as they tend to darken when cooked in the oven, and it would go well with the other options. Use tomato or barbecue sauce as the base of the pizza. Lastly, label the box with creative festive names, and your guests will certainly get a kick out of it.

Reserve a table with us, and we’ll provide you with some delicious, traditional pizza options that we bet you and your family members will love!