Exploring the Different Pizza Crusts

pizza and winePizza is undoubtedly one of the most popular meals out there. From a light snack to a dinner date to team bonding, pizza is perfect as a full dinner, after school treat or a team outing. Everyone has their favorite pizza crust and while we adore Neapolitan pizza, there is a wide-variety available.

Thin Crust Pizza

Neapolitan: Considered the original Italian pizza, Neapolitan is both light, crispy and cooked in a wood-fire which creates a delicious smoky flavor. The classic and most popular styles include Margherita and Marinara which can be difficult to master on a thicker crusted pizza.

NY Style: Served in large slices, perfect for folding, New York has certainly established their own style of pizza. The crust is quite interesting as it’s both crispy and soft. This crust is made with high-gluten bread flour which gives the pizza it’s flavor.

St. Louis: Not often discussed in the Northeast, St. Louis Pizza is a thin, round pizza that is cut into squares. With a crust similar to crackers, this pizza is often popular in bars and taverns.

Thick Crust Pizza

Pan: One of the more thick crust pizzas, this style is about a half an inch thick and it typically has a buttery taste with a soft center.

Deep Dish: Surprisingly, this pizza is two inches thick  and they’re baked in oil, making for a deliciously crisp crust. This buttery crust is made with corn meal, semolina and food coloring to create a yellow hue. Since residents of the Northeast gravitate toward New York and Neapolitan pizza, they typically avoid deep dish pizza.

Sicilian: Significantly different than Neapolitan, Sicilian pizza it rectangular shape and thick-crusted. Often, you’ll find this pizza in Italian communities in Boston, Portland, Long Island and New Jersey.

About the Pizza at Quattro

At Quattro, we offer the best Neapolitan pizza in Boston MA. From our classic Margherita with mozzarella di Bufala to our Potato & Herb white pizza, we have a wide-selection for every palette. If you’re craving a savory option, opt for our Sausage & Rabe white pizza or our Speck, Gorgonzola & Arugola. For a sweet treat, we have a unique dessert pizza consisting of Nutella & Strawberry Dessert pizza.