Explore the History of Wood Fired Pizza Ovens

wood fired pizza ovensPizza is a dish adored by many and with countless toppings, it’s certainly a food we won’t grow tired of. While there are numerous ways to make pizza, wood fired pizza ovens are undoubtedly one of the best ways to cook the perfect pizza.

Where Did Wood Fired Pizza Ovens Originate?

Wood fired pizza ovens have been around in ancient civilizations for thousands of years. In Pompeii, they were used in local shops and many were very well-insulated as well as well-vented. When it comes to the flooring, there were tempered terra cotta tiles which were about two inches thick. Throughout the neighborhoods, there were food shops with insulated terra cotta trays to keep the food either warm or hot.

There are also medieval brick ovens which can be found throughout Europe and they are extremely similar to the Roman brick ovens. Larger, rounded wood fired pizza ovens were typically found in northern Europe while they were smaller in Italy. A majority of Tuscan farmhouses had a brick oven or stone oven, some of which are used to this day.

Why We Love Wood Fired Pizza Ovens

Pizza cooks quickly – Wood fired pizza ovens are set to 700 to 800 degrees Fahrenheit while home ovens max out at about 500 degrees. Rather than waiting for the oven to preheat at home and then cooking the pizza for an additional 20 minutes, a wood fired pizza oven cooks the pizza in about 5 minutes.

Food flavor is boosted – Due to even heat distribution, there is an enhanced food flavor and the wood creates a smoky flavor.

Nutrients is retained – Since cooking over an open flame is quick, the veggies on the pizza are able to retain their antioxidants. When cooked in a traditional oven antioxidants and nutrients can be depleted because of how long it takes to cook.

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