Everything You Need to Know About Serving Prosecco

Prosecco is a wonderful choice if you’re hosting a gathering or celebration. The sweet sparkling wine is widely loved by most people and there are many options to pair it with. Before you start sending out invites for your celebration, check out these tips that review everything you need to know about serving prosecco.

Choosing the Glass

Sparkling wine is typically served in a flute shaped glass, but it turns out that isn’t actually the best option. The flute shape does a good job of maintaining bubbles in the sparkling wine, but it doesn’t allow the wine to develop the aroma fully. Instead, you should use a tulip shaped glass. The tulip shape is able to maintain the bubbles in your drink almost as well as a flute, while allowing the wine more room to aerate.

Cheese Pairings

Finding the best cheese pairing to go with prosecco can greatly improve the drinking experience. A few popular cheese options to pair with prosecco are:

  • Soft Cheeses – soft cheese is a great option to pair with prosecco because the flavors are defined without being too strong. Brie is your best option!
  • Baby Swiss – baby swiss offers the perfect amount of nutty and buttery notes to compliment prosecco. Stray away from aged swiss though because the flavors are too harsh and will overpower the sweet prosecco.
  • Colby Cheese – Wisconsin Colby cheese is unique cheese because of the low acidity it offers. This makes it a great choice for those looking for a cheese to pair with their prosecco, without taking on a very strong flavor.

Serving Cheeses

Once you’ve decided on your cheese pairings, it’s time to serve them. You should serve cheeses with the mildest flavors first and gradually work up to the stronger flavored cheeses. Serving stronger flavored cheeses first will comprise the palette of your guest and take away from the rest of the pairings that they try.

Enjoying a glass of prosecco is a wonderful way to enjoy any gathering, celebration, or even a date night in your own home. Just remember that drinking sparkling wine should be an experience from beginning to end. That includes what the sparkling wine is served with! If you’re new to the world of sparkling wine and cheese pairings, sweet prosecco is an excellent place to start. Stick to mild and earthy flavors, sip, and enjoy!