Delicious Alternatives To Traditional Pizza Sauce

If there’s a point that we’ve constantly tried to drive home through our pizza blogs, it’s that there are no two similar ways to make pizza! Many of the variations that we’ve discussed in the past focused on what types of pizza toppings you could add. However, pizza has so much more variety than that! Traditional pizza sauce is largely tomato based, and it’s used on a wide variety of types of pizza. What other pizza sauces can enhance the flavors of everything else you add? We break down some of the best alternative pizza sauces below!

Pesto Sauce

Many of the same sauces that you can use on mouthwatering pasta dishes can also have their uses on pizza. Pesto sauce is perhaps the most noteworthy of these examples! In terms of nutritional value, pesto sauce is probably the healthiest option that you’ll find. For this reason, it pairs well with healthier toppings like fresh tomatoes, chicken, mushrooms, and mozzarella cheese.

Barbeque Sauce

Just because you’re having a barbeque cookout with friends doesn’t mean pizza can’t be involved! Barbeque sauce is a great way to blend the elements of outdoor grilling and pizza together. This sauce, as you may have guessed from its other applications, works best with any of the types of meat you can find on a pizza. Whether you want chicken, pulled pork, or even an assortment of vegetables, barbeque sauce can add a tangy and satisfying kick to your pie.

Bechamel Sauce

If you’re unfamiliar with bechamel sauce, we’ll bring you up to speed – it’s a sauce made with milk, flour, butter, and garlic that has some similarities to alfredo sauce. However, bechamel sauce is nowhere near as thick and heavy as alfredo sauce, which makes it a perfect substitute on pizza! This tends to work best with cheeses and herbs as primary toppings, but you can add chicken for extra protein as well.

Chimichurri Sauce

If you’re looking to add a little spiciness to your pizza, chimichurri sauce is a great way to get there! It’s a sauce originating in South America that is usually used for marinating steak. Speaking of which, steak is a fantastic topping to add to this pizza! You can even substitute meats like shrimp, chicken, and sausage to really diversify the flavor. Just be sure you bring enough water with you!

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