Comparing The Most Famous Italian Pizzas

It should go without saying that pizza is one of the most celebrated foods in the world today. However, nowhere does it better than its country of origin: Italy! Over the years, pizza recipes across the country have evolved and changed to make every pie different. With so many flavors, toppings, and ways of making pizza, which are the most famous? Even amongst so many variations, Italians certainly know how to pick their favorites with pizza. We’ll identify the most famous pizzas in Italy below!

Margherita Pizza

Even amongst so many unique variations of pizza, nothing beats the classics! Margherita pizza involves a simple combination of tomatoes, mozzarella, and basil – but it’s not quite the same as a cheese pizza you’d find in the United States. This recipe originated in Naples, and its popularity has earned it the title of Italy’s national dish.

Quattro Stagioni Pizza

Amongst all the other pizza recipes out there, we’re willing to bet that the Quattro Stagioni recipe is the most unique! Roughly translating to “four seasons” in English, this pizza recipe is divided into fourths that each highlights a unique topping. They’re meant to represent the four seasons. Artichokes are the main choice for the spring quarter, while ham is a popular option for winter, mushrooms for fall, and things like black olives and artichokes make up summer.

Quattro Formaggi Pizza

Italians really like their fours with pizza! This pizza isn’t divided into fourths like the four seasons pizza but rather utilizes four different types of cheese in the base recipe. It quite literally translates to “four cheeses” in English! The types of cheese used can vary from pie to pie, but the four main ones that you’ll find are mozzarella, gorgonzola, parmesan, and either stracchino or fontina.

Diavola Pizza

You may have eaten this type of pizza before – or a variation of it – without even realizing it! This is the Italian name for the classic pepperoni pizza. However, there’s a key difference that separates this pizza from its American counterpart – the salami used! Diavola pizza tends to take advantage of spicy salami options for its base, giving it a hotter kick that Italians across the country revere.

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