Classic Italian Dishes for the Holidays

classic Italian dishCulinary traditions change every year; however, there are a few timeless dishes that never go out of style!  Here are some classic Italian dishes for the holidays.

  1. Abruzzo (Minestra Di Cardi)

Otherwise known as Cardoon Soup, it’s a soup consisting of broth and artichoke thistles (cardoons).  It’s flavored with nutmeg and giblets, making for a delicious side or appetizer.

  1. Basilicata (Baccala Con Peperoni Cruschi)

Basilicata or Cod with fried peppers is a plate of cod topped with sun dried bell peppers that have been dropped into hot oil.  It’s a very flavorful codfish that too makes a great side.

  1. Calabria (Scillatelle Al Ragu)

Calabria is essentially homemade pasta with meat sauce.  To start, homemade pasta is nothing like the store-bought pasta.  It’s chewier, thicker, and much fresher and when topped with a flavorful meat sauce, this dish is to die for.

  1. Campania (Minestra Maritata)

Campania or “Married” Soup combines a beaten egg, hot pepper, veal, chicory, escarole, and a capon broth.  This is as authentic and classic as Italian food gets in a soup.  It’s dynamic with a slight spicy flavor with meat that just melts in your mouth.

  1. Emilia Romagna (Tortellini in Brodo)

Italians can appreciate a clean soup to wet their appetites.  A must, Tortellini in Broth is prepared with egg pasta rolled into a thin wrapper to wrap small pieces of a meat-based filling.  These are then cooked and served in a broth.

  1. Friuli Venezia Giulia (Brovada E. Muset)

Turnips and Sausage is your typical Italian winter dish with pickled turnips and sausage.  This makes for a hardy and flavorful dish.

  1. Lazio (Abbacchio Al Forno Con Patate)

Lazio features lamb braised with garlic, rosemary, vinegar, and anchovies.  This would be the main course of an Italian family’s Christmas dinner and a flavorful one at that!

  1. Liguria (Cappon Magro)

This ancient recipe features fish and a bed of vegetables.  For those waterside villages in Italy, this would be a common dish prepared on Christmas.

  1. Lombardia (Cappone Ripieno)

Stuffed Capon is made with ground meat, egg, Parmesean cheese, and mortadella.  It’s served with mostarda di Cremona which is a spicy candied fruit condiment.  This is one flavorful main dish for Italian families living further  away from the ocean.

  1. Marche (Vincisgrassi)

Marche Lasagna is a baked pasta dish to serve as a side or main dish made with ground beef, sausage, chicken, cured prosciutto ham, and mushrooms.

If you’re not from Italy and looking for a change to your Christmas traditions, try some Italian traditional food such as these recipes. If you’re afraid to give them a try at home, visit Quattro in Boston for some classic Italian dishes for the holidays.  Perhaps, try Nonna’s Pasta e Fagioli with pancetta, prosciutto, and fagioli cannellini.  It’s delicious and a great taste of classic Italian cooking! Call us today to book your reservation!