Celebrating National Hamburger Day!

One of the classic staples in western culture is celebrating its day today, the hamburger! Over the years, the hamburger has been one of the most famous dishes in America. From fast food to eateries, to gourmet restaurants, they all have their variations of hamburgers. This year, in honor of National Hamburger Day, we give you reasons to love hamburgers even more!

Did you know that Boston is one of the top 5 cities who absolutely love hamburgers? That’s right! The Red Sox nation doesn’t only pride themselves of being a sports city but also a hamburger-loving city! Have you ever been in an unfamiliar restaurant and couldn’t figure out what to order? Well, the good ol’ hamburger is always there to save us! Nothing is more familiar to us than a classic hamburger where you can never go wrong.

The great thing about hamburgers is that you can literally create your own variations of it! Trying to stick with a healthy diet? Well, you can always substitute the buns and condiments with something healthier such as a lettuce bun plus other spice. Or if you love the classic but wants something more? You can always add a layer of grease into it aka bacon or onion rings. However, you want it to taste like is all up to you!

Quattro Boston

Just like other people, Quattro Boston absolutely loves hamburgers as well! In fact, we love them so much, we included three of them in our menu! Enjoy burger sliders made with sirloin beef if you aren’t feeling as hungry but just want a not-too-heavy snack. Or maybe get the full-size version of Quattro’s Sirloin Burger that can definitely fill you up! Or you can add a little more to it by getting Quattro’s Stuffed Burger to add that razzle-dazzle to your meal.