Brick Oven Pizza Vs. Regular Pizza

Pizza has been a staple across the world for many years. People have gotten incredibly innovative with their pizza recipes, adding different ingredients, toppings, and even pizza crust stuffers! As pizza and its recipes have evolved over time, so too have the ways of baking pizza. Cooking pizza in a brick oven has continued to rise in popularity. But, can it match up to regular pizza? We break down the differences between the two cooking methods below!

Oven Differences

The obvious difference between the two types of pizza is the fact that only one of them is cooked in a brick oven. But, what makes a brick oven different from other methods? The answer lies in the temperature. Brick ovens can reach much hotter temperatures than your standard oven. This is because the heat from the oven is not allowed to escape; it radiates out from the fire and is absorbed by the brick, which keeps the oven burning hot. Your standard oven will allow heat to escape much easier, thus it cooks at a lower temperature.


Believe it or not, there’s more than just a subtle difference between the taste of brick oven and regular pizza! Because brick oven pizza is cooked with fire, there’s more of a smoky flavor to the final product. The one thing that brick ovens do eliminate is the olive oil, which a normal oven won’t get rid of. However, a normal oven sacrifices the smoky flavor! If you choose to make it in a brick oven, you need to simply drizzle some on after baking. 

Prep Time

There’s a pretty significant difference in the amount of prep time required for brick oven pizza versus regular pizza. Because the brick oven can burn at hotter temperatures for longer, a typical brick oven pizza typically only needs a few minutes of cooking time! Regular ovens would need around 25-35 minutes for prep time. A lot of restaurants will choose brick ovens for their pizza because of this quickness, but you’re free to prepare yours as you please!

Brick Oven Pizza At Quattro

As you can see, there are plenty of reasons to choose brick oven pizza over regular pizza. You won’t find a better establishment for brick oven pizza than at Quattro in Boston’s North End! We specialize in a variety of brick oven pizzas that are guaranteed to satisfy anyone’s palette. To experience the magic of brick oven pizza for yourself, make a reservation with us today!