Best Pizza Preparation Tips

We’ve taught you the recipes for some of the best pizzas out there – and some of the most bizarre! However, when it comes to making pizza, there are plenty of steps along the way that you could mess up. In order to make the best pizza possible, you’ll need to minimize these mistakes for a great final product. There are plenty of different ways to prepare your pizza, but which ones have the highest chance of success? We share our best pizza preparation tips with you below!

Don’t Be Afraid To Use A Rolling Pin

Just because the method is the traditional way to make pizza doesn’t mean it’s the easiest! We’re willing to bet that most people can’t toss pizza dough in the air effortlessly to get it to its classic circular shape. The job can be done far easier with a rolling pin! It’ll take a bit of arm strength, but you’ll find that the process goes much faster. Even if you can’t make the dough perfectly round, a misshapen pizza is just as tasty!

Cold Dough = Bad

While you should be refrigerating your dough to ensure it stays fresh for your pizza, you shouldn’t be using cold dough for your pizza, either. Instead, remove it from the fridge about 30 minutes to an hour before you start prepping. It will help the dough thaw out better and make it easier to mold into the desired shape. Doing this along with shaping your dough actually makes it tougher, which bodes well for the final product!

Don’t Overcook Your Toppings

If you’re planning to add any meats or other toppings to your pizza, we recommend slightly undercooking them before adding them. Why is this? When you’re cooking your pizza, the toppings will also cook in the oven! If you cook them too much before adding them to your pizza, you could be left with some burnt toppings. Save yourself the hassle by undercooking them first. You’ll thank us later!

Go Thin With Your Sauce

Think of your sauce like condiments on a sandwich. If you add too much, you could risk your sandwich becoming soggy and not as tasty. When you’re cooking pizza, the same rule applies! Adding too much sauce can ruin the quality of your pizza, so make sure that you add it sparingly.

Brick Oven Pizza At Quattro

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