Best Foods To Stuff In Pizza Crust

One of the best things about pizza is how flexible it is as a food. If you think there’s only one way to have pizza, you’re wrong! From the toppings you put on it to the cheese – and even the sauce you use to make it – there’s seemingly no end to the delicious combinations you can make into pizzas. While it might sound like pizza crust isn’t something you can customize, it’s actually a lot more flexible than you would think! We’ve highlighted some of the best, most interesting foods that people have stuffed their pizza crusts with. Try them out for yourself!


Stuffing your pizza crusts with cheese is basically the default when it comes to finding out what to use. After all, who doesn’t love more cheese on their pizza? It isn’t just people’s love of cheese that’s made this such a popular ingredient to use; it’s also one of the easiest ones to implement! You can stuff your crusts with cheese without having to put much effort into it. It’s no wonder that cheese-stuffed crust rose to as much prominence as it has!

Hot Dogs

Believe it or not, stuffing pizza crust with hot dogs isn’t a new practice. It’s actually been around for more than a few years now! Domino’s first launched a pizza with this crust in the United Kingdom, but it has since been discontinued. Today, it’s still a menu item at Pizza Hut, and it has been for almost 6 years. This version is different from typical pizza crust in that you can break it off and dip it in mustard. We guess there are new ways to eat pizza, too!


Next up on the list of interesting pizza crust stuffers is… cheeseburgers? This item wasn’t made in the US, either. It appeared on Pizza Hut’s menu in parts of the middle east sometime during 2012. It doesn’t work quite as similarly to hot dogs, but it definitely gives the pizza an interesting shape. It looks more like a diagram of an atom than the round pies that we’re used to seeing!

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