Best Drinks to Pair With Pizza

Pizza is one of the most popular foods on Earth. And for a good reason, it has so many variations for people to choose from. It’s a food that has stood the test of time and probably will always be on menus for at least the next century (or five). Many people ask us throughout our lives as chefs and restaurant owners: what drink pairs best with pizza? It’s a great question. Due to pizza’s popularity in America, it’s essential to know what your pallet will enjoy with your pie and what you will eye next time you come into Quattro to wash down your pizza. 


 Peanut butter and jelly, butter and popcorn, spaghetti and meatballs, pizza and beer. As you all would have guessed, beer takes the number one spot for the best food to pair with pizza. Depending on what’s your pizza, we’d recommend you a different beer for just about each. We recommend a relatively strong beer to cut through a cheese pizza as far as taste goes. An American Pale Ale or IPA would fit. Cheese is a strong flavor, meaning you need an equally strong taste of drink for you to enjoy your beverage. For pizza with meat on it, we recommend a darker lager or ale. This is because we like to keep smoky tastes together. Or, you can drink whatever kind of beer your heart desires because no one can tell you otherwise. 


 This is another obvious selection, but they will always be on the list due to their history together. Whether you are buying a bottle of wine with your delivery pie or looking for a glass after ordering in at Quattro’s, we have you covered. The lighter the pizza, the more golden the color of the wine. Margherita Pizza goes great with a white wine such as a Pinot Grigio. Both are delicate flavors that mesh with each other nice, especially on a gorgeous afternoon. When meat gets on your pizza, that’s when red wine is best. Chianti is a red blend wine and goes great with pepperoni pizza, and a Cabernet or Malbec is excellent for any other meats. 


 Two Italian peas in a pod. Pizza and Negronis have been combined for many years due to how yummy both are—the light sauce, crust, and cheese pairs well with the vermouth, gin, and Campari. The bitters of the negroni mesh with the pizza sauce’s acidic nature, creating a blend of delicious flavor in the customer’s mouth. 

No matter what kind of pizza you decide to treat yourself to at Quattro, we have a drink that will pair with it nicely. If you aren’t sure what to drink with your crispy pizza, ask our waiters or bartenders to assist you. Book a table with us today.