All About Chicken Cacciatore

One of the best things about Italian cuisine is how each recipe is unique from one another. Some recipes have a rich and storied history, while others are merely the result of an accident! One thing is for sure: amongst all of the recipes, there isn’t a single one that isn’t made with the utmost care. This statement couldn’t be any truer for chicken cacciatore, a dish that may sound simple in theory but is actually incredibly rich in history and origin! We explain everything you need to know about chicken cacciatore below!


Did you know that chicken cacciatore has origins that date all the way back to the 14th century? Chicken cacciatore derives its roots from the Renaissance period that was happening in Europe at the time. The secret of how it came to be actually comes from its name; in Italian, cacciatore roughly translates to “hunter”, meaning that those who prepared this meal usually hunted the chicken themselves. In their travels, they found other ingredients to pick up along the way that eventually evolved into staples of the dish.


Obviously, the main ingredient of chicken cacciatore is the aforementioned fowl. However, the other ingredients you’ll find in this dish will largely depend on where in the world you’re eating them from! Some chicken cacciatore is made using red or white wine to add to the flavor. Other variations of the dish mix up their herbs to include things like onions, bell peppers, tomatoes, garlic and pepper. Basil and oregano are both popular finishes for this dish. Regardless, this dish is constructed to maximize all of the different flavors.


One of the most surprising things to learn about chicken cacciatore is the fact that it’s not the original version of the recipe. In fact, it wasn’t even the primary ingredient of choice in the 14th century! The primary meat of cacciatore back then was rabbit, but other versions add meats like salami and sausage as the protein of choice. Since then, chicken has evolved to be the most popular choice among consumers looking to try the dish for themselves. As long as the “hunter” element is in play, you’ll have a genuine cacciatore dish.

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