A Guide To Making Delicious Brick-Oven Pizza

When you think of a delicious Italian pizza, you probably picture a crispy, hot pizza pulled from a brick oven with cheese melting perfectly. That’s because brick-oven pizza is the best pizza. 

Homemade pizza can’t compare to rustic brick-oven pizza, but that’s not your fault. The brick oven is the key to making the perfect Italian pizza, and most people don’t have one at home. 

Why Brick Ovens Are Better

Cooking pizza in a brick oven is the only way to get that magnificent smoky charred flavor in a pizza. That unique flavor comes from the combination of wood and charcoal used to heat the brick oven. While the pizza bakes, that smoke bakes right into the crust so that you can taste it in every bite. 

Bricks are very porous and absorb moisture while the pizza is cooking, which results in a crispier crust. In conventional ovens, the moisture from the cheese and toppings can settle in the crust, making it soft or soggy, even when the pizza comes out of the oven.

Another reason that brick ovens are ideal for cooking pizza is because they can reach incredibly high temperatures that your oven at home can’t reach. Typically, brick ovens can be heated to close to 800 degrees F. That means the crust will bake to the perfect crips before any of the ingredients on top of the pizza can dry out or become overcooked. The finished pizza is the ideal bite of crisp, smokey crust, melting cheese, and heated but not dry toppings. 

But the real reason why brick-oven pizza tastes so much better than homemade pizza is the circular bricks. Those bricks hold onto heat and radiate it consistently, so the pizza bakes perfectly evenly.  

A lot of skill is necessary to get a brick oven up to the correct temperature and keep it there so that pizzas can bake properly. A trained chef with experience baking pizza in a brick oven can ensure that every pizza cooked in that brick oven has that signature brick oven crisp crust and smokey flavor. 

Making Brick-Oven Pizza At Home

If you have a brick oven at home, you can learn to make perfect Italian pizza, but knowing how to heat your brick oven properly will take some trial and error. You need to use the right mixture of wood pellets and charcoal for the size of your oven. 

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