A Guide To Lesser Known Pizza Styles

Here’s a question that shouldn’t have a wrong answer: what does the perfect pizza look like to you? Your answer may vary depending on where you’re from, as there are plenty of variations of pizza that are exclusive to different areas. You’re probably very familiar with pizza styles like the deep dish of Chicago or New York’s signature style, but what about those pizzas that are less commonly known? There are a few variations out there that might surprise you; we go over some noteworthy ones below!


Did you know that calzones are actually a variation of pizza? You wouldn’t be able to tell that this is the case at first glance; after all, calzones look nothing like pizzas! That is, until you examine them up close. The technical definition of a calzone is a pizza that’s folded in half. You can see the similarities in the types of calzones offered versus the types of pizzas offered as well! Is it any wonder why pizza shops will usually have calzones as a menu option? It’s because they’re more alike than meets the eye!


One of the main drawbacks of pizza is that most times it has to be consumed as a full meal. Sure, you can have a slice or two, but that still means that you have a lot left over! There’s actually a solution to this problem that comes in the form of another variation called pizzetta. Pizzetta is more comparable to a hors d’oeuvres dish than a full blown pie, as these pizzas are much smaller than their counterparts. A pizzetta is just a smaller pizza, which is perfect for a midday snack!

St. Louis Pizza

Having a deep dish pizza with lots of dough and crust is always a nice treat, but the big downside to it is that it can be incredibly filling. St. Louis’s version of pizza aims to correct that by making it as close to a flatbread as possible without actually being one. It has almost a cracker-like consistency while maintaining a lot of the same toppings and sauces that you see on most normal pizzas. These pizzas tend to taste sweeter than other types as well.

Brick Oven Pizza at Quattro

While brick oven pizza is more well known than some of these others, it’s for good reason; the taste is unlike any other! Quattro specializes in a variety of brick oven pizzas that deliver that same fantastic taste right to the heart of the North End. To try out some of our fantastic pizzas for yourself, click here to make a reservation with us!