A Guide To Different Styles of Pizza

As we’ve discussed on this channel many times before, one of the most interesting things about pizza is how versatile it is. Change one thing about a pizza and you’re working with a completely different recipe than you were before! This idea has given rise to many different pizza recipes over the years. Different styles of pizza have emerged as a result of this popularity, too! There are plenty of different ways that you can make pizza to diversify the recipe. We give you a guide to some of our favorite ones below!

Deep Dish Pizza

In a style of pizza list, we would be remiss if we didn’t mention one of the most popular types of pizza out there: deep dish pizza! Known worldwide as “Chicago style pizza” after the city it originated in, deep dish pizza is unique because it isn’t built like a traditional pizza pie. Instead of a traditional thin pie, deep dish pizza has another layer underneath the pie filled with meats, cheeses and crushed vegetables. The process for making this pizza is vastly different from other pies. It’s one of the most unique and popular pizza styles out there.

Sicilian Style Pizza

One of the most unique aspects surrounding Sicilian style pizza is the fact that it’s different depending on what country you eat it in. Sicilian style pizza in America is far different from the same style of pizza in Europe, for example. In Europe, the pizza is far more crust based. It resembles a deep dish pizza with the bottom layer being noticeably thinner and very crust heavy. It also has far more toppings than the American style, as it’s more focused on the sauce and cheese than the other ingredients on top.

California Style Pizza

If you’re looking for a style of pizza that’s more unorthodox than most other types, California style pizza should be up your alley! California style pizza is traditionally thinner than most other types of pizza and has many more unconventional toppings than the average pizza. Think of things like eggs and potatoes as your pizza toppings here. California style pizza is usually healthier than the average pizza pie, so choose this if you’re looking for a low calorie alternative!

Brick Oven Pizza at Quattro

There’s another style of pizza that’s unique to the others, and that’s brick oven pizza. If you’re curious to try it for yourself, Quattro is the best place to go! We have a variety of brick oven pizzas that will turn this style of pizza into one of your new favorites. For some of the best pizza in Boston’s North End, click here to make a reservation with us!