2019’s Culinary Trends

The culinary world is one that’s constantly changing and evolving to meet the demands of the current consumer. From crazy combinations to health versus unhealthy choices, we’ve seen it all. 2019 will be no exception to the fast-paced changes in culinary trends, in fact, we’re expecting to see some of the most interesting trends yet!

Healthy Dessert

People are seeking out any way to justify somewhat unhealthy habits as the fitness industry becomes more and more popular. This demand for healthy indulgence has created a growing trend in healthy desserts, well, almost healthy. From hummus-based cookie sandwiches to quinoa filled dessert bowls, the options are endless. These desserts may not be as healthy as a plain piece of fruit or yogurt, but they’re better than a bowl of ice cream. As a vegan and plant-based customers become the majority, we expect to see a growing number of vegan and plant-based dessert options, which tend to be inherently healthier. This is a culinary trend we’re ready to hop on board with. After all, it gives you an excuse to enjoy your dessert without guilt!

CBD Infused Concoctions

The health benefits of CBD oil seem to be never-ending. As more and more consumers get on board with the healing oil, it’s being seen in the culinary world. Infusing foods with CBD, along with other superfoods, is an easy and effortless way to boost your health without trying. CBD infused foods tend to come with a higher price tag, but it’s one people seem more than willing to pay. Most notably, many nuts and oat milk have begun to grow in popularity due to their CBD infusion. We expect this trend to take over 2019 along with the discovery of any other new so-called superfoods.

Regional Flavors

Culinary enthusiasts have begun to appreciate regional flavors now more than ever before. From Nashville hot chicken to Southern Appalachian pimento cheese, the choices are endless. Regional flavors are flavors that are traditionally associated with a certain city or state. Typically, these flavors are focused around local agriculture and market habits. Of course, in 2019 those regional flavors don’t have to stay in their region! Many restaurants and grocery stores have begun crafting their own recipes containing these regional flavors to be enjoyed around the country. You no longer have to go to Nashville to enjoy authentic Nashville hot chicken, you just have to take a trip to Kroger!


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